Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hungarton Camps

Camps are now over for the summer, and it's time to clear away all the 'stuff' that camps create in our house!

The lego from one of the prayer activities has been washed, the straw that blew into the puppet cases has been shaken out, the myriad of photos taken and used on each camp are being put on the remote hard drive.

Now to do the ironing and catch up on the piles of emails we didn't have time to deal with properly whilst on site. (Apologies if you're one of those people who didn't get a proper reply!)

The camps were awesome! For Aspire, we were back up team - Kay being the safeguarding officer, person to talk to for kids and leaders (If needed), medication deliverer and technical person for presentations in meetings. Steve was minibus driver, supporter and do-er of some of those small tasks that always arise on camp.
The team were great, as were the campers (Aged 11-14 ish). The camp felt comfortable, gentle and happy. The main teaching in the evenings was based on the life of David, and it was great to see how much the campers were taking on board from it. The many questions thrown at the tent leaders were answered with wisdom and patience.

The next camp was Activate, for campers aged 9-11 (ish!) where we did the morning teaching - this year on the Lord's Prayer, which was quite a challenge!
Once again, the leaders were awesome and wonderful with the campers, often going the extra mile with them.
The constant enthusiasm and energy of our young leaders was a delight to watch, even when some of them had been kept awake by campers and were functioning on only a few hours sleep. Some even refused the offered hours rest time to be with their campers up at the pool - now that's commitment!
Some of the campers were honest with their questions about faith, and some took time to stand back and take an honest look at their own faith.

We never say how many became Christians etc. We feel that this is something between God and the campers, and not for us to speculate on. What we can do, however, is thank God for all that happened on the camps, for the encouragements and the passion of many leaders who give up a week, sometime 2 or 3 weeks, to serve the Campers of Hungarton.

It's been an encouraging summer for both of us! No doubt Kay will be putting some of the prayer activities on the main blog page - so look out for those.

We are now looking forward to a quieter few weeks to recuperate. Kay managed well, with only a few days where the pain levels went up to an 8 (out of 10) in the evenings, but could be managed. So thankyou so much to those who prayed for her.
Amusingly, having coped so well - on the Saturday morning after we were home, she lifted her hair drier and managed to put her shoulder and neck into a permanent spasm for the next 24 hours.... how about that for timing!

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