Friday, 19 December 2014

Happy Christmas

We haven't written a Christmas prayer letter this year. Instead, we're going to send one out at the end of January, so we can include all our news in one go (That sounds mysterious doesn't it!)

We've also opted not to send out so many Christmas cards - with the cost of postage now so high and so many friends, we decided we'd rather send only a few cards and make a donation to charity instead. (Home for Good) We hope you don't mind!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Guilty Secrets of Two Itinerant Workers (Who Live By Faith)

After a board meeting, and delivering some training for a local church on working with children who have additional needs - we managed to take some annual leave. This was thanks to the amazing generosity of friends.

When living by faith, it's very easy to feel guilty about taking a holiday abroad..... and hard to admit it! So we often qualify it with the "Gift of a friend" sentence, closely followed by the fact it's often cheaper to holiday abroad when there's only two of you going. We know many other full time workers who also feel guilty.... why is that?!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

What We've Been Up To This Week

We've been travelling a bit this week!
The week started with a Family Foundations Trust board meeting at Dalesdown (nr Horsham). There was lots to discus as we looked at various aspects of the work of Children Worldwide and Dalesdown. We had a brilliant update from the camps, and heard about the difference these camps have once again made in the lives of so many children. It was the last camp for Sarah Covington, who has been leading them for a number of years, but involved in them for 18 years. She will be greatly missed! Sarah is moving to Knowle in the West Midlands to take up a post at the parish church there. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hungarton Camps

Camps are now over for the summer, and it's time to clear away all the 'stuff' that camps create in our house!

The lego from one of the prayer activities has been washed, the straw that blew into the puppet cases has been shaken out, the myriad of photos taken and used on each camp are being put on the remote hard drive.