Monday, 6 October 2014

Guilty Secrets of Two Itinerant Workers (Who Live By Faith)

After a board meeting, and delivering some training for a local church on working with children who have additional needs - we managed to take some annual leave. This was thanks to the amazing generosity of friends.

When living by faith, it's very easy to feel guilty about taking a holiday abroad..... and hard to admit it! So we often qualify it with the "Gift of a friend" sentence, closely followed by the fact it's often cheaper to holiday abroad when there's only two of you going. We know many other full time workers who also feel guilty.... why is that?!

Anyway, we had a lovely time just relaxing, reading, knitting (Kay) and doing cryptic crosswords (Steve). Having planned a couple of days after the holiday to slowly transition back into work - we ended up having to ditch that idea as circumstances on our return meant we had to hit the ground running.... and it hasn't let up since!

The other thing many full time itinerant workers feel guilty about is changing cars - even though a reliable car is an absolute necessity...

Because Kay receives DLA due to her disabilities, she qualifies for a Motability car. These change every three years, and we can't believe we have had the previous car three years! Today we picked up Kay's new Motability car and are currently feeling very grateful and blessed. There is no way we would be able to afford such a comfortable and reliable car without this.

As I've said - many folk who live by faith feel guilty and a little wary of saying about the blessings we receive. This is often due to the mistaken belief that holidays and cars give the impression to our supporters that we have enough money - when actually these thoughts are wrong on both sides. I have found that our supporters rejoice with us, and carry on supporting us knowing the day to day bills still need paying.

So, although we feel blessed and grateful a lot or the time, today we feel particularly blessed.... and maybe just a teeny bit guilty....

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