Thursday, 21 April 2016

A New Name & A New Owner

Having said to Steve a while ago that he should blog - he has finally decided to go for it.
So, I am in the process of handing the site over to him so he can share his own unique wisdom and fun with the world!

Our work has changed beyond recognition in the last few months, meaning the old ministry blog was becoming a little redundant. I'm hoping the new Blog of Steve will be far more informative and fun. (How could it not be with Steve in charge!)

We're still doing children's work and still refer to ourselves as children's evangelists. You can access our diary via my work site - the link is on the right hand sidebar.

We decided to leave all the old ministry blog posts - just for history and information :o)

Meanwhile, I'm blogging over at the 'Pondering Platypuss' and 'The Non-Work Blog' and expecting regular cries of "Kay, how do I..... (Insert any technical blog related question here)" from the other side of the room.


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