Saturday, 24 January 2015

Our promised January Update

We promised those who follow what we're doing and support/pray for us, that we would send a newsletter at the end of January.... and in the process of promising that managed to make everything sound a little mysterious!

Well, here it is!

We wanted to speak with our membership before releasing our main news item. It was our full team conference last week (And what a good one it was!) so the news has now had a chance to settle.

The coming year will see us preparing for change. 
Changes that hopefully will see us doing less of the admin work that tends to plague leaders, so we can get on with more of what we are gifted for.

Sixteen years ago we were asked to lead Children Worldwide. The appointment was never meant to be long term or permanent. The leaders (National Directors) are chosen by the members from amongst their number for a fixed term. The role has changed and expanded beyond recognition, and takes much more than the 20% of our time we agreed to allow for all those years ago.

After much prayer and with the support of our Council of Reference, we have made the decision to step back from our role leading Children Worldwide, and revert to being contributing members of this organisation that we love so much. We have given one year's notice of this change, and so will step aside officially on January 17th 2016 after which we still intend to represent CW nationally but relinquish the time-consuming responsibility of the day-to-day running and decision making.

As we said, we will still be members of Children Worldwide - as Kay has been for 20 years and Steve for nearly 19, drawing our accountability from all the usual routes.

We are laying down the leadership so we can follow our expanding personal ministry and opportunities - just like any other member of Children Worldwide.
We will remain trustees of the CW governing charity, Family Foundations Trust, but this will no longer be a management role for us.

This will give more time for Kay to concentrate on things she is already involved with, such as Children Matter, The Evangelical Alliance, Home for Good and the Additional Needs Alliance as well as for new opportunities that we know are coming our way.

It will also give us a little more time to do what we love - face to face work with children.

Please pray for Children Worldwide as we work through this transition, and for us as we move through newly opening doors of opportunity.

The News Letter
We have experimented with various ways of getting news to you all. When we look at the statistics, it’s obvious that using MailChimp isn’t working. But neither can we afford to post everything.
So, we will send out ‘possibly’ two posted letters a year, and send email reminders to check out the blog when we update it.

(This is taken from our January 2015 news letter)

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