Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Anniversary Day

It's our wedding anniversary today.

19 years! Wow - how did that happen?!

Kay tweeted about this using the hashtags #Happy, #Blessed and #Thankful.

Having asked Steve how he would sum up the last 19 years his reply was "Happy".

So we seem to be of one mind on this - nothing unusual there!

When we married, Steve thought his part of our ministry was to support Kay by continuing with his paid work. Little did he know..... In the early years before Steve went 'full time', Kay hated having to leave Steve at home whilst she went off to do conferences and holiday clubs, so she had quite a strong conversation with God about it. The rest, as they say, is history!

But life is now going full circle - and this week,  for the second time this month, Kay has to do a night away from home (and Steve). Kay says she is in a better place emotionally to cope with it.... but she still doesn't like it.... at all!

Have the last 19 years been plain sailing? In a word - no. Our marriage has always been solid, and we've never had a real argument. But we've had to face many things together - and each thing has made us stronger and wiser - both individually and as a couple. We deal with pressure and problems in different ways, but we know that and give each other the space needed to be ourselves, as well as uniting to face problems together.

We can honestly say that our love is deeper, our friendship is stronger and our laughter is greater.... louder and longer.

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