Sunday, 22 November 2015

Latest update

Thanks to everyone who has been praying.
We still haven't heard back from the DWP about moving to PIP.

We managed to get some help filling in the forms - which was a small miracle in itself. We manage to get the forms in with a couple of days to spare, and within a week had a phone call to ask if they could do a home assessment. This was a nerve wracking experience - but I had a nice assessor, who didn't seem to mind that the house was a building site! That was nearly three weeks ago and we're still waiting to hear if the application has been successful. Maybe this week? Or the week after? We don't know.

The good news is, the building work is complete, and we are thrilled with it! Kay sometimes just stands in the kitchen with a grin on her face, looking at it. We keep thinking we'll have to give it all back! The shower room/loo is everything Kay needs, and sometimes she allows Steve to use it (!)

There's still some decorating to do, but Steve will be doing that over the coming month. When that's done, we'll post some photos so you can have a nosey.

If you want to know who the builder is - take a look here. Some of the photos are of our work - see if you can guess which :o)
We can't recommend him highly enough. If we tell you that from start to finish the work took 7 weeks, you will see just how hard he and his team worked. It might have been fast, but the quality is top notch.

Meanwhile, Kay needs to get back to her writing, in the hope that the PIP works and we don't have to do an appeal.... in which case, we will only have 2 weeks to do this, and the set aside writing time will suffer once again.

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