Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Prayer Update - We could do with some!

We have a lot going on at the minute.

The view from our
kitchen door today
We have the builders in - we’ve scrimped and saved for many years, and managed to get a gift towards some much needed building work to make our house more accessible for Kay - this includes a downstairs accessible shower/loo, and a new kitchen more suitable to Kay’s needs (Mind you - it was an original 1960’s blue tiled monstrosity!)

On top of this, Kay is trying to do some writing with a looming deadline, as well as both of us trying to keep up with quite a busy diary.

So imagine how we felt when a letter dropped through our door asking Kay to apply to move from Disability Living allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payments (PIP). DLA helps Kay with the added expense of having a disability - including a motability car which is essential for her. PIP is the new version of this - but much harder to qualify for at the level Kay needs.

The DWP letter makes it sound like an invitation - it isn’t. You can either fill out the lengthy forms, or lose your DLA after a certain date - and along with it everything you need to function.

So - in the middle of a house looking like a builder’s bomb site with stuff everywhere and all the business, we’re trying to pull together everything needed to re-apply for PIP in a very short space of time. You only have four weeks, and it takes a week for the forms to arrive.

But this comes with another problem….. the DWP require a letter from a medical professional proving you are as bad as you say you are. They don’t take into account that those with chronic conditions are discharged from all care and left to just get on with it. Kay’s GP knows very little about her, and from the few contacts she has with her to update her notes, all she gets is GP’s version of a shrug and a “What would you like me to do?” (I don’t know - you’re the doctor!!).
She can fill in the form accurately with how Kay is with all the areas they need to know, but she can’t write with empathy how Kay’s disability affects her everyday, including work. 

SO as you can see - we need prayer!
We need it for peace of mind, for a clear mind in filling in forms, and wisdom for the GP and others who have kindly agreed to write “supporting evidence” for Kay.

Many thanks!

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