Friday, 15 May 2015

We Were Going To be So Good...

We were going to update before and after Spring Harvest - but time ran away again!

We were due to do Minehead 2 and Skegness for Spring Harvest, but due to the wife of one of our colleagues breaking her wrist and a bit of reshuffling, we ended up doing Minehead 1 and 2 followed by Skegness.

Kay did the disability consultant role for all three, with Steve assisting Minehead 1 and 2, and working with Whizz Kids as Sarah's deputy in Skegness.

All Went well. It was a gentle event with much to praise God for.
We think the same word describes Whizz Kids too. The programme ended up with many, many more children than expected attending, but the team managed to rise to the challenge, especially as those arranging crafts and activities had prepared more "just in case"! They had an amazing team of volunteers and area leaders, that made for a lovely happy atmosphere all through the programme.

The teaching, led by Paul Willmott, was both engaging and challenging... and loved by kids and volunteers alike!

The fact we were back at Skegness meant we met up with some old friends (and places!) we hadn't seen for years.

We've now had the debrief in London, and the plans for 2016 are in full swing!

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