Monday, 17 August 2015

Camps Are Over....

Well, the camps are over for another year....
So much hard work before the camps, all gone in such a short space of time!

For Aspire, we were there in the background, helping out where needed. Kay managed to complete the rather posh camper's handbook, and write the morning start up (quiet time) notes we have for the younger campers.

For Activate, we were doing the morning meetings and a whole host of other bits and pieces.

For the quiet times, we had a verse from a Psalm per day to look at, and the morning meetings were about Moses and the Israelites - all with a 'prayer' activity to allow the campers to think and do something that would help them to reflect and remember.

The leaders were awesome - Kay has written a blog as a thanks to them here.

The diary has been updated - so do have a look at what we're up to. Kay will be doing a lot of writing, having been approached by a publisher. But first she has to do a synopsis and a sample chapter. If that is accepted, we'll tell you more.... but until then - we'll just keep the details quiet.

Thanks for your prayers - keep 'em coming!

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